Friday, July 08, 2005

A Love Letter

July 1 – from Mom
I just found out about you yesterday. It doesn't quite seem real yet. I'm happy but at the same time I'm scared about everything. Having a baby is such an awesome gift and huge responsibility. I hope that I can be a good mom. Your dad is beside himself with excitement and was already starting to plan which bedroom would be yours this morning! If we're counting right, it looks like you'll be joining us in March. Wow. Maybe right around your Uncle Tim's birthday.There's lot to do. I have to start taking better care of us ... eating properly ... not smoking.So bear with me little baby. These first few weeks might be a little rough, but always know that you were created out of deep, deep love by a daddy and mommy that love each other and now you, very much. Maybe your Dad will want to write in here too. I'll ask him._

July 1 – from Dad
Your mother was not the only one surprised by the news. How she kept the news from me for four hours I'll never know. I do know that you're gonna be one lucky little angel because you have an incredibly beautiful and loving mommy, and Daddy is crazy about her. You'll see all that when you arrive.You are truly a gift from God and I am so very grateful to have two people to love now. I know you won't be disappointed with your loving parents and I know you will be treasured by us because you are the product of two people who have found and feel in love so deeply with each other that it is only natural that we pass this love on to you.I am so looking forward to your arrival. It is the most significant and joyous event in my life. I feel so blessed. I'm going to give your mommy a big hug and kiss right now. Love you,Dad xoxox_

July 3 – from Mom
It's only 5:45 a.m. and I was up early this morning...feeling a little squeemish...guess I better get used to this!We told a few people about you yesterday. Your Aunt Trish was very excited! She can't wait to meet you either. Then your dad told his friend Gary, who was also very happy. Seems that people are just as surprised and happy as we are about you.I have a doctor's appointment next week. After we find out for sure (although it's seeming pretty real now) then we'll tell your grandparents. I'm nervous about that!Well, I better get my day started ... get to work and make some money!_

July 3 – from Dad
I think your mommy is blaming me for making her throw up this morning (ha ha). It's starting to feel more real now and less like a dream. Your mom and I were discussing names tonight, however not knowing if you are a boy or a girl makes the name thing kind of difficult.Mom just went up for her nightly bath and she is even more beautiful tonight. I love her and you very much and there is one less day gone by waiting for you. We can't wait!!Dad is off all summer from work and that will give us a chance to get to be together and hang out. Work around the house, play music, play catch, you know, live a little! So come ready to play! Dad has every summer off.Love ya xoxox_

July 4 – from Dad
I have decided! By the time you are born, I'm going to have your song written. A song about how much you are loved by me and mommy, and how much we will all love each other unconditionally. I feel you have just strengthened the bond between your mother and I. Your presence has deepended our love for each other a hundred fold. I pray every day for you and your mother - that God takes care of you two and brings you into this world healthy and happy. you are so loved already and we don't know what you look like or if you are a boy or a girl. Either way, I'll be the proudest Daddy on earth.Love you. xoxox_

July 4 – from Mom
We all went out last night to hear your dad play guitar at the golf course. You're going to love his music! We had our friends there with us, and your Aunt Dianne from Newfoundland too. Everyone who knows about you now is quite excited and they're all laughing about the changes you're bringing about in Mommy already! Heartburn...going to pee every 20're making life fun! :-)Daddy can't wait until you're big enough in here so that he can play some guitar to you. I'll have to ask him not to play rock & roll ... can't have you dancing in my belly!Your "uncle" Paul is already talking about painting the spare room. What colours would you like? Mommy likes blue and maybe some Winnie the Pooh stuff ... or music notes. Anyway it goes, we'll be sure you're comfortable.Better get going. We're going to go see Nanny & Grampa S today and tell them about you._

July 5 – from Dad
A baby girl, a baby boy
At this time only God knows.
What you will be, we plainly see
It really doesn't matter to Mommy or me.
Made out of love that's true and strong
And now I pray that nothing is wrong.
How could that be for God is hope,
His love will shine upon your soul.
And that day will come when you'll be here
So much joy, happiness and tears
A part of us you've now become
The three of us will exist as one.
Love, Daddy xoxoxox

July 6 – from Dad
Good morning precious. Whether you are 1, 10 or 100, you and your mother shall always be precious to me. Well, we did the deed that has had your mother fretting. We told Nanny & Grandpa and they were dleighted. Mommy and I knew that they would be but you never quite get over being a little child to your parents. I'm sure someday you will understand when you have news to tell us (me and mommy).You must have needed a lot of nutrients today because your mother was tuckered. She barely remembered to say goodnight to me. That's partly my fault because I find when I give her a foot massage she gets really relaxed and "zonks" out. I don't know how she's gonna take it when you arrive, knowing that daddy has two babies to care for! Her nose will be cut a little short sharing my spoiling time with you. I'm sure she won't mind but you're gonna have to ask her.Love you both,Daddy xoxox_

July 6/02 – from Mom
Daddy & I just finished a delicious breakfast which I cooked and didn't burn anything! You'll have to get used to Mom's cooking - it's not always the best!It's still only 8 a.m. and we've been up for hours. Guess we're turning into early risers.This morning we talked about your new room. We're thinking that we'd like to give it a musical theme ... maybe we'll stencil a song on the walls ... have some soft music playing in there and a rocking chair so Mom and Dad can sing to you ... what do you think?Like Daddy said, Nanny and Grampa are overjoyed at this awesome news. Nanny cried, just like Aunt Trish said she would.We're all very excited and happy that you're going to be with us and part of our lives. Don't you ever doubt how much you are wanted and loved!_

July 7 – from Mom
Did you enjoy the fireworks last night? They were delayed from July 1st because of fog but last night the weather was perfect, and they were beautiful. I can't wait until we can take you to see them for real.And then Mommy and Daddy went out to listen to music and dance a bit. Oh! And you had your first donair last night .... yum!!! You must have liked it because you didn't send it back ... hehehe :-)Your two brothers are coming for a visit this morning. They don't know about you yet, and we'll probably wait for a little while to tell them. I'm sure they're going to be very excited about meeting you when you finally join us. They just need to have some of Daddy's time and love right now ... but don't worry! He has a VERY big heart with enough love for all of us.Love,Mommy xoxo_

July 7 – from Dad
Hey baby, it's a beautiful summer day and Mommy & I can't stop thinking, talking and praying about you. How does it feel to be loved so much? ... and we haven't even met. Imagine that!Your brothers, Frodo who is going to be 7 and Mini-Me, who will be 5, came by to play with Mommy and Daddy so we will have some practise playing with children .. but taking care of a baby, that is a little different. Although I have so much faith and all the confidence in the world that your Mommy is going to be #1 in our books. She sure is #1 to me already. I'm actually barbequing her supper as I write to you.Tomorrow is a very big day. Mommy is taking you to see the doctor and Daddy is going with her. You are so dearly loved by us that we have to do everything possible to protect you so you just relax and enjoy your time with Mommy and let us take care of the details.Love,Daddy xoxox_

July 8 – from Dad
Monday morning and Mommy's doing great. She doesn't seem sick in the mornings anymore. That's good news for Daddy because I don't get "this is all your fault" any more. I know she's joking and it's great that her pregnancy is or seems to be a wonderful experience. I know she loves you but I guess she will have to answer that question for sure. I mean about the experience. I know she loves you!Well, I'm back from dropping Mommy off at work. I hope she has good days at work. Her coworkers are pretty respectful and kind to Mommy so I'm sure she'll do just fine.Working is a fact of life you'll find out about soon enough. So Barkley, Sheba and I "gots to go" do our work around the house. See you at the doctor's!Love,Daddy xoxoxo__

July 8 – from Mom
Well, it's official! You have been on your way for 7 weeks, 6 days now according to the doctor. I think that Dr. H was as surprised as anyone to find out that you were on your way. But she said everything looks fine - Mommy's blood pressure is perfect which means your dad is going a great job of keeping me stress free! We got your first present today. A nice card and a picture frame from Mommy's secretary. We have so many good friends my little baby. You are going to be well loved!The doctor is guessing that you will join us around Feb 18th, 2003. That is very close to Mommy's birthday! We'll be able to celebrate together and take some of the pressure off Daddy.We go back to the doctor in one month :-)__

July 9 – from Dad
It's around 4:30 a.m. and I'm up because Barkley had to go to the bathroom. This is just a practise run for when you come home!Ha Ha! Mommy was bragging about how great she was feeling and the good Lord is humbling her. She is so beautiful pregnant and queasy. I hope the heaves are not too hard on you.Mommy is going to keep you home this morning and I'm going to visit Frodo and Mini-Me. So I hope you don't make the morning too hard on her. You have plent of years ahead to torment her.

10:00 p.m. – from Mom
Dad just left to go to "Uncle" Gary's. They'll play guitar and sit around the fire. Mom has to work tomorrow so we decided to stay home and go to bed early. I'm not feeling tired but I don't want to run you too ragged. I have to keep remembering that we're sharing my body and that you're a bit too young yet!You know, I just can't wait for you to get to know your Dad. We are both so lucky to have a man like him - you're not just going to love him because he's your Dad - you're going to like him because he's such an awesome person! I hope that you inherit his personality and character. he's kind, loving, intelligent, warm, compassionate, sensitive, talented, funny, athletic ... I could go on and on! And of all the families in this big old world - he's OURS! You and I are very blessed, little babe.Your dad and I know that God loves us very much. He gave us each other to love, and now He's given us you too. Together, there is nothing that the three of us and God can't handle!We have a lot to teach you and I'm so glad you're on your way!Love,Mom & Dad xoxox__

A Promise – from Dad
God of love God of life
I pray you'll watch over them tonight
So in the morning as the day unfolds
I'll have one more day to show them
all the love I hold
A mommy to love with a baby too
God I praise and thank You
for these gifts from You
I promise God to do my part
and show them I love them with all of my heart
Every day and every night
A promise to you I will do what is right.
Thank you God.
A loving Daddy.__

July 10 - from Dad
Crazy Love by Van Morrison. That's our theme song because there is no greater love than that of a parent's for their child. And I know there will be times when we all drive each other crazy, but you can always count on the love that Mommy and Daddy have for you and the love we have for each other.Today as I dream about you growing in Mommy's tummy, I wonder are you a boy or a girl. What will you look like? Momm's full and luscious lips or the sparkle in her beautiful and vibrant eyes? Will you have my athletic abilities and musical talents? Although your mommy has a beautiful voice. There is no doubt you will be musical if you choose to pursue it.Mommy just called from work and told me you are being very good today. She's not queasy or nauseaus very much today. Enjoy work. See you at 4:30!Love, Daddy xoxox

July 10 - from Mom
We had a good day at work today, although Mommy was kind of tired after lunch time. Daddy painted the dining room ceiling and now he's gone to hit a bucket of balls with Gary. He's going to bring us home some supper. Seems like I'm always eating or thinking about eating!I continue to be amazed at how my love for your dad and for you gets deeper every day. I hope that some day you will find that one special person that you are meant to love ... the way your dad and I have found each other. There is just no way to describe this love. I just know that you are going to be so loved! I promise to tell you that every day. You will never ever doubt how special and wanted you are ... and what a true gift from God you are to Dad and I.
We love you!Mom & Dad xoxox

July 11 - from Dad
Hey baby. How's that muzak? Mommy's playing a whole symphony tonight. The notes sound a little flat out here but inside I'm sure it's beautiful muzak! I love your mommy so much. She's so gracious about her state. Uncle Paul just got here so I'm going to go play you some real music.Love ya,Dad xoxox

July 12 - from Dad
What a beautiful day! For two reasons. Mommy's off work today we're all home to hang out together. Mommy did a bit of work at home while I played guitar. Learning new material to play with Uncle Paul. We are all going camping this weekend and have a gig at the campground. Don't worry about getting cold cause I'll be there to snuggle with if it gets chilly. Have fun!Love,Dad xoxox

From Mom
As Daddy said, it is an awesome day here! Hot and sunny. We've had our breakfast and now we're sitting on our deck enjoying the beautiful weather. You've been very nice to Mommy this morning - not making me sick at all. Sorry about all the "muzak" yesterday!We're just going to take it easy today and enjoy being together. Just think - next summer all three of us will be off together all summer! Woo hoo! Can't wait!Love,Mommy xoxo

July 14 – from Dad
Hey baby! Mommy and Daddy just got back from camping at Aunt Trish and Uncle Jim's campground. Daddy and Uncle Paul were playing at the rec centre to entertain the campers. What a great time we had and you were very nice to Mommy! She didn't get sick once. And you slept like a baby ... your mother however did not sleep well and she told me all about it at 3:00 a.m. when she wanted someone to talk to!We had the most wonderful time this weekend. So calming to be with you and your Mother under the night sky. to spend special moments with that special person in your life. The one that God meant you to be with. I thank God every day and consider myself the luckiest man alive to have such a wonderful woman giving birth to our child, created from endless love. You are truly a child of love. We are so grateful to have you and each other. I love you both from the bottom of my heart.
Daddy xoxox
PS: There will be a life time of special moments for the three of us. I promise.

July 17 – from Dad
Hey Baby, Daddy's just sitting here after a long day doing what he loves to do the most. Watching you and Mommy sleep. Well, I can't see you but I know you are there. And I know Mom's asleep because I can hear a soft rumble coming from under her blankets. Yes, she snores!!! Not loud like Daddy, but she cuts wood in her sleep. I love her very much. She's so pretty pregnant and sleeping. She must be tired because she dragged you up to Truro and back two days in a row. Don't worry. Daddy went too to make sure you two were safe. We're still counting down the days until you arrive and I'm glad this one is just about over. Dad had a rough day, and if it wasn't for your Mother's common sense, logic, understanding, her sense of humour and beautiful smile, it might have ended in disaster. You have a most incredible mother. You are so lucky. She loves you, as do I, and we love each other and I am so grateful to have her.Love Daddy xoxoxox

July 18 – from Mom
Good morning little babe. It's 7:15 a.m. and we all slept in this morning. I'm just waiting for our toast to pop so that I can get some solids in to you. You've been very kind to me this last week but I do feel a bit squeemish this morning!We're 9 weeks, 2 days today. I feel like I'm getting very fat and need to watch how many treats I'm giving you.Daddy is off to see your brothers today ... then tonight we'll go hear him and Uncle Paul play guitars.But now ... you and I have to get ready to go to work!

July 19 – from Dad
Good morning! Told you I'd be back. This is one of the two people you can be guaranteed you can count on. You may encounter people in your lifetime that may be full of promises but don't deliver. Don't be discouraged but try to discover quickly who you can count on and who you can't. It will save much heartache. In most cases, if you listen very, very closely to your heart (this is where God sends His messenger, to your heart, so listen) you will discover many of the answers you will need in life. Follow your heart. It is the path to God.Love you,Dad xoxoxPS: and if you can't hear what your heart is saying, talk to your mother and I. We've probably already made that mistake. Experience teaches the hard way. Learn to listen.

July 19 – from Mom
It's 7:26 a.m...Dad and I have been up since 6:00 a.m., had breakfast, put a load of laundry though and now we're getting ready to pray.We've both been smoke free since we found out about you. Pretty good eh? You are the best motivation to quit smoking! We both love you and want you to be healthy, and to have two healthy parents.So Dad's giving you advice already I see. Here's the deal ... listen to his advice because he does know some things, but always check it out with me.....hehehe :-)You are going to love your dad. I can't wait to see the two of you together. If you're a girl, you'll really have to rely on me though. Dad says you won't be allowed to date until you're married!Well, let's pray and then go to work babe.Love ya,Mom

July 22 – from Dad
Good morning dear. Please be really nice to Mommy today and if there is any way possible, let her know you love her. She needs to know today that you are worth the frustration with her clothes. I know she loves and wants you very very much, but it's hard to stand by and see her frustrated. Daddy also made the weekend a little hard on her so we have a lot of making up to do. Let's show her we love her.Later July 22 – Dad againDad's back! Mommy is at work and Dad is wondering what he will have for lunch. I was hoping Mommy would call and I could meet you two for lunch but I guess Mommy is very busy today. I hope you two are safe and warm. Love you both!Dad xoxoxo

July 22 – from Mom
When Daddy messes up, don't let him make you suck up too babe child! And trust me ... he'll try to getyou to help him! We have a of policy of forgive and forget in this house ... so no sucking up is actually required but shhhhh.....don't tell dad :-)We had a bit of a rough morning. I thought Dad might have to stop the car! But we hung in utnil we got to work and got some milk and crackers into us.And about the frustration ... it's not you or Dad I get frustrated with by not having clothes to wear. It's just that my body seems to be changing so quickly! Like Dad says, this will pass.Love you,Mom xoxox

July 23 – from Dad
My dear child, do not let your mother make you think ill of me. I do not suck up, but I do show her I love her a little lextra when I do something stupid. And believe me...she never ever really forgets...she's a woman! That's not possible! The only thing she tends to forget is how much I love her and that is the real reason it appears I'm always sucking up. So be careful when dealing with Mom. She would have been a good lawyer!
Mom sure is looking beautiful with her radiant smile, her sparkling eyes and her bulging belly. I do love her and I'm not sucking up. I think she has just forgotten my pledge of love this morning. That's why she keeps calling me #$*hole! :-) Keep growing strong. Your brothers and I are waiting for another line mate out in the hockey court!Love ya,Dad xoxox

July 23 from Mom
This is different. Dad's in bed early and we're still up! He had a busy day taking care of us today (which he's very good at doing!) so I guess he's tuckered.I guess we're soon going to have start thinking about a name for you. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed at the thought of everything we have to do over the next six and a half months. but I also know that there is nothing that your dad and I can't accomplish together. Love and commitment are such incredible tools to get you through life, babe. We are so very lucky that we have them, and there's little chance that they are going anywhere!Better go crawl in with Daddy and the dos so that we're rested for work tomorrow.Love you.Mom xoxoxo

July 25/02 - From Dad & Mom
Well sweetie....we had quite a scare today. Daddy had to take you and mommy to the hospital. Mommy was showing quite a bit of blood. That's the last time I go to bed early and leave you two up to party without me! I kept telling Mommy everything would be ok, and so far it is. Daddy has a strong faith in God. He loves us and He has given us you so I know in my heart He will keep you safe. Praise be to God!On the brighter side of things Mommy and Daddy saw what will become your heart! We actually saw your heart beating. It was pulsing at 158 bpm which is normal at your age of 8-10 weeks. Your mom showed her true character today. She was courageous and caring. She cried a fair bit but she held herself together for your sake. She is a wonderful lady and I'm so glad to have her. You'll be glad to have her for a Mommy. She says you're grounded, though, for scaring us this morning. We love you so much and are so looking forward to meeting you!Love you,Dad xoxoox

Hi honey:
Like Dad said, YOU'RE GROUNDED! You are not allowed out of your womb! Mom is just going to take it easy for the next few days and get this bleeding to stop. Both your dad and I were scared today. We just kept praying, and everyone at the hospital was so nice. Especially the one nurse named Lisa. Your dad was so good to us! What did we ever do to deserve the love of him? He just kept me calm today ... kept praying ... kept hugging us and kept telling me that everything was going to be ok. I sure hope so. We saw your heart beating and it makes me realize how much we both want you here safely. So are grounded!Love you more than ever now.Mom xoxoxo

July 28 - from Dad
Good morning! I'm off to move your grandmother, so I'm going to keep this short. You've been wonderful to Mom these past couple of days, so keep it up and we'll let you out of your womb in March or thereabouts. Take care of Mom!!!Love ya,Daddy Mojo xoxoxoxI'm back and you and Mom are relaxing. That's great. It's just what I want you and Mom to do.Maybe we can go swimming at K&J's later. The day is turning out to be beautiful.Your brothers were over yesterday for a barbeque because Mini Me's birthday is today. He is five. And Frodo's is next Sunday, August 4th, and he will be seven. Mom, Dad and the boys had fun but they don't know about you yet...but they will soon. I promise because I love you, your mother and your brothers very very much so I want to introduce them to you so they can enjoy their time before your birthday. have a great day and thanks for being nice to Mom. Love you both.Dad xoxox

July 29 – from Dad
Today is a rainy day. Mom got off work early so on the way home Mom and Dad stopped at the mall to buy your mom some comfortable undergarments. It seems you are pushing her belly out so it’s on to maternity clothes.

Mom made a lovely supper which we ate in front of the t.v. Don’t’ get used to it. We are going to sit at the table for meals as a family should.

Mom’s body is starting to go through big changes and with that comes aches and pains, which is good for me because I get to get real close to her and rub her tired, aching muscles. She thinks she’s a pain but I love her and I’m just doing my part as a daddy and a husband. Plus like I said, I get to get real close to her without her feeling smothered. Barkley and Sheba just got fed and watered so I think I’ll settle into bed and read a bit. I’m glad everything is going well. Mom’s doctor called and confirmed everything is just fine from the scare we had last week. Hormone levels are up and a good ultrasound showing your heartbeat. Dad’s very, very grateful to God.
Dad xoxox

July 29 – from Mom
Dad is much better at writing to you than I am! He’s soaking in the tub and getting ready for bed … he’s pooped today but he did have a very busy weekend!

As Dad said, Dr. H. called today with the very good news that everything looks good with you. We have been praying constantly because we love you so much already!

You are being born into a family that knows how to love! Your dad might think it’s “smothering” but (don’t tell him I said this…) it’s really not. He is the kindest, sweetest, most demonstrative man. You and I are so lucky he’s chosen us!
Love you,
Mom xoxo

July 30 – from Dad
Dear Baby:
I am writing to let you know that you are loved totally. Your mother is doing everything she possibly can to ensure you a great start in life. She is so wonderful and so committed to us that we never have to worry about her faithfulness or her loyalty. I trust her with your life. I trust her with my heart too. She so wants you to have a good start to life. I know you will just adore her as I do. She is in bed, and that’s where I’m going. Good night. I love you!

August 2 – from Dad
What a wonderful day! It’s Friday and Mom’s off. We are all going to take a drive and enjoy each others company. Then next week Mom is on vacation so we get a whole week to get on each others nerves!

Mom is looking great these days and everyone’s heart is at peace. God bless us and the time we have to share together.

We are trying to figure out the finances of next year when Mom will be off. I really hope we will be able to work it out so Mom can be off for the first full year of your life. We love you, and are really really happy and looking forward to you joining us in person.
Love, Dad xoxoxo

August 3 – from Mom
Hi honey:
It’s Saturday morning of a long weekend, and actually the start of some vacation for us. We had a nice day yesterday visiting with a friend of Mommy’s who gave us a bunch of stuff. Clothes for me to wear while you’re growing in me, and then some clothes for you to wear once you’re here with us. All of that starts to make it more real.

Daddy tried an “experiment” last night. He wanted to see if coffee would make him not sleep. Guess who was still watching tv at 4:00 a.m.? He’s a nice guy though, so I guess we’ll keep him anyhow.

We’re getting more and more excited about you joining our little circle of love sweetie. Stay healthy in there!
Mom xoxo

Gifts from Love – from Dad
You are never far
From my thoughts and dreams.
As I always think of your
Mother, my Queen.
There is a child created
From a deep, desired love.
And you, my dear child…
Are truly a gift from God above.

I witness your mother’s
Happiness as you grow inside,
And the more you grow
She finds it harder to hide.
The clothes she needs
Need pleats and folds
Because her belly grows
Like the love I hold.

For in my heart there is
Love for two…
Your mother, my first love,
And a new little you.
Daddy xoxo

August 5 – from Dad
My dear child, you are a blessing, a gift from God. You will never truly know and feel what a wonderful little miracle you are to your mother and I. Maybe someday we will share all the details of why you are such a gift to us. All I know in my heart is that I’m so very happy to be having a child and sharing this experience with my soul mate and my true, first love…your mother. She is so right for us and we’ll enjoy being together. We went and stayed in the trailer with your grandparents who are so excited about you too! You’ll never lack love in this world. So, I’m going to pray some more that you and your mother remain healthy and strong for at least 60 or 70 or 809 more years!
Love, Dad xoxox

August 7 – from Dad
Well, we had an interesting evening! We got to see some fireworks. Your mother, myself and you all walked down to the beach and the boardwalk where we saw our community’s fireworks. They were spectacular! We also had company from Frodo and Mini Me. As we were walking, they saw us and came running over. They sat on the blanket with your mother and I, all cozied up. The five of us. I must tell you, your mother is so awesome. There is nobody in this world that matches her graciousness. We are so lucky and I’m grateful to have her in my life because she loves me like there is no tomorrow and she is giving me you. She protects you everyday.

We heard your heartbeat at the doctor’s on Monday. It was so cool!
I love you.
Dad xoxoxo

August 8 – from Dad
Good morning! Your mother and I are sitting at the kitchen table, figuring out the bills and checking over our paycheques. We’re trying to save enough so your mother can spend the first full year of your life at ome with you and I guess by your mom’s thoughts, Christmas as well. She got right excited thinking about you and Santa! I got all excited about all the toys we’ll get!! Oh well, let’s get through today. That’s all we have to worry about. See ya kiddo. Dad xoxox

August 14 – from Dad
Hey Hey you were making faces at us today! Now you are really grounded! You have stay in your womb for about six more months!

Mommy and Daddy went for an ultrasound and you were in perfect health. 12 weeks 3 days old. You have your father’s head and you have your mommy’s belly! Having my melon scares your mom!

On a more serious but happy note, there are slim chances that there will be any problems. Mom’s doing a fantastic job of caring for you, even when Dad’s a jerk. But love pulls us through. Your mother is wonderful. I don’t deserve her but I’m sure glad I have her. God is great!
Love, Dad xoxox

August 14 – from Mom
Wow…it’s been a little while since I wrote to you! It sure was awesome to see you today! And we’re back to thinking your birthday may be very close to mine! The pictures we saw of you today say February 18th again … but I guess you’ll get here when you’re good and ready!

Seeing you today made me cry (and I think Daddy did too but shhh….) because you look so beautiful! We saw your little arms and legs, and your eyes…your ear. You were moving around and it did look like you were waving at us!

Your dad and I are already so much in love with you….we’re looking forward to these next six months and the rest of our lives with you.
Love, Mom xoxox

August 15 – from Dad
Good evening my child. It was a beautiful hot day today so your mother and I decided to take you for a walk. Wow, seeing you yesterday on the ultrasound gave us a big boost of relief. For the past month we have been very nervous with Mommy showing blood in the mornings. However we found out you are almost 13 weeks now and that means the first trimester is over, and so is the risk of a miscarriage. Man, what a relief. I’ve never wanted to meet a baby so much as you! You are so much a part of your mother and I, and we have an incredible love for each other, so you are a child that I want with all my heart. The best of your mother and hopefully the best of me. Always appreciate what you have and where you are at. Never mourn the past, and what you never had, and what you can never get back. Don’t borrow worry from things that are in the future, all things come to pass so take hold of the moment and appreciate all that you’ve been given. It is God’s to give and God’s to take away. Be thankful for all that is good in your life. I love you.
Dad xoxox

August 17 – from Mom
Dad’s in the kitchen making you and I breakfast. You better get used to him spoiling us … he does it a lot!

Well baby, we’re officially on vacation! You and I don’t go back to work until Dad goes back to school….so the three of us are all home together. Your brothers are coming for a sleepover tonight and we’re all pretty excited about that.

Yesterday Dad and I went shopping. Dad helped Mom pick out a new dress and a top.

Today we have to take Barkley to the doctor because his paw is very sore. I hope you’re going to love Barkley! He’s a big (BIG!) teddy bear that drools. You are going to love this family!
Love you,
Mom xoxox

August 25 – from Dad
Welcome home! We’re back from your first big trip. And what a wonderful time we had. Dad was playing guitar and signing with Uncle Paul and Derek at a golf resort on PEI. Mom decided she would like to go so we all went. Mom even got up on stage with Dad and sang some of the songs that we sing together! I had a great time as I always do when I’m hanging with your Mom. Aside from being good looking, she has a great sense of humour with a touch of sensitivity and lots of flatulence! Like I said, we had a blast! I always said we could have fun in a ditch, as long as we’re together. God I love her, and God knows I do and how much! We’ll go back to PEI when you’re a wee bit older. Born would be nice.
Love ya. Dad xoxo

August 27 – from Dad
Dear Baby:
The summer is winding down and school will be going in. Frodo is going into grade 2 and Mini Me is just starting primary. Before this school year is done, you will be here with us. Mommy and I have started getting your bedroom things – change table, crib, bath tub, car seat (the one you’ll be coming home in or the one you’ll be taking your first car ride in). Still lots to do and time is short. Before we know it, you’ll be here. I am so looking forward to that day and I imagine your mother will be by then too, but for different reasons than mine. I will say, though, that she looks beautiful pregnant!
Love you both.
Dad xoxox

August 27 – from Mom
We’ve been enjoying vacation and watching you sprout out in Mommy’s tummy! You’re sure going to make me FAT!

We all had a good time in PEI, although I don’t think you were crazy about the boat ride home on Sunday. Everyone was feeding us crackers! Daddy and I went outside in the fresh air and that was much better.

Daddy golfed and he also went horse back riding. He also sang his heart out and sounded SO good! We were so proud of him. I sure hope you have his musical talent and winning personality!
Love ya,
Mom xoxox

August 30 – from Grandpa!
Hi Baby:
What wonderful news!!! Your Nanny and I are really looking forward to your arrival. You are going to be so happy with your life. You will have two very loving parents and a whole kettle full relations who will be vying for your attention and wanting to spoil you. Welcome to our world, little one.
Grandpa and Nanny

September 2 – from Daddy
Well, we’re on our last vacation day for the summer. It was very enjoyable and very quick. A lot has happened over the past year. I started down a new path in my life, I met your mother and you were conceived by the power of love. New dreams have been created. Your mother has even chosen a new and healthier path over the last year or so. Now, or should I say soon, we shall all walk together as three down a similar path. Of course, we shall each possess separate dreams, but we will love each other and support each other and our dreams. As your mother and I love and care for each other, we promise to love and care for you until you are ready to care for yourself. But remember, we will always be there for you and love you.
Love, Dad xoxox

September 2 – from Mom
Like Dad said, it’s our last day off together until perhaps Christmas. Mommy isn’t feeling 100% today and Daddy is being even kinder than he usually is to us. He’s such a sweetie.

Mom and Dad went and got your crib today! We set it up in the living room and I think you’re going to be very comfortable. Today is Labour Day and we’ve been watching baby birth shows all day. Daddy gets a little wiggly but I know he’ll come through for you and I when our birthday comes!

We took your brothers camping this weekend. You’ll get to come with us next year – you’re going to love it! Love you, Mommy xoxox

September 4 – from Dad
Mom’s losing it and Dad never had it in the first place, but I think we’re gonna make it! (Sounds like a song…maybe?)

School’s in and Mom’s back at work, and things are going great and just seem to get better and better. I love this time of year. It’s fall, the leaves are changing colour. It will son start to cool off and the days get shorter. All the doctors’ appointments and ultrasounds are producing more than satisfactory results. Mom and I are falling deeper and deeper in love. I can see her excitement grow with each passing day and I get a little excited myself when I think of your arrival. Of course, your mother has the physical reminder 24/7. I’m only reminded when she is with me or I’m thinking how much I love you both. That’s pretty much 24/7 too!

Your mother thinks you’re a girl because your heart rate is up over 150. I think you’re a boy because Mom’s carrying you low in the womb. By the way you’re still grounded until Feb 18th or so. Soon I’ll start playing guitar and singing to you. Whoever or whatever you are, I hope you’ll be musical. Cant’ see how you won’t be! Love you!

September 7 – from Mom
Well little one, it’s just you, me and the dogs this weekend. Dad is in PEI playing guitar with the guys. He’s called us a couple of times but boy oh boy…do I ever miss him! The house is just not the same with him gone!

I bought a book on baby names. Guess it’s time to start thinking about one for you!

I guess we’ll have a few nights to ourselves once February comes. Your dad is a very talented musician who will need to be out playing some nights…but don’t worry, we’ll go hear him play once in a while too! And he’ll play for you here at home any time you want.

We both love you so much, honey. Can’t wait for you to get here. Dad says hi!
Love, Mom & Dad xoxox

September 10 – from Dad
Good morning little one. We’re on our way to work. Traffic is backed up and Mom’s sighing. She’s only worried about making me late. Thinks of everyone but herself.

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day. The sun is shining and life is good. Your brothers are coming over tonight for supper and to visit for a while, so we should have a fun filled evening.

Take care of Mom today and make sure she feeds you well. After all, you’re a growing baby and you need food!
Love you, Dad xoxo

September 16 – from Dad
My oh my! You are getting bigger! Mommy’s tummy is growing and we believe you are starting to kick around a bit inside Mommy. Of course I can’t feel it with my hand but Mom says its starting. I can’t wait until the next ultrasound. Mom is feeling good most days. The only time she doesn’t feel well is when she gets very tired. Some nights she wakes up around 3:00 a.m. then she can’t get back to sleep until 5 a.m. Then she gets mighty tired and sick. I hate to see her in that state because when you love someone, you hate to see them hurt or in pain, or even watch someone suffer from lack of sleep. So, get lots of rest now…you’ll need it!
Love, Dad xoxox

September 16 – from Mom
Hi honey!
Boy, we haven’t been great about writing in here. Dad has been busy back at school and with a bunch of stuff after school too. And we’re also starting to think about how we’re going to get the house ready for your arrival. We have all of your furniture. We just need to clean your room out and start setting up.

You are such a lucky little baby! You are being born into a family where both parents love and want you very much, and adore each other. Your father is the most awesome gift I’ve ever been given. We might get cranky with each other once in a while, but that’s human nature. We always make it through, and you’ll learn that love can beat/conquer a lot!
We love you!
Mom & Dad xoxox

September 18 – from Dad
What a beautiful night! Mommy and I are sitting on the front steps, after supper, making a grocery list. Tomorrow is pay day. Maybe I’ll buy you a treat! Although you still have to wait a few months to get it. Mommy’s so wonderful, and she smells good too. I’m sitting behind her and all I can smell is her hair. Oh God, guess what???? I take that back!!! She just let me have it right in the guts! Whooweee! She’s got a great sense of humour as well. I hope you inherit her sense of humour. How many more weeks of this flatulence????
Love ya, Dad xoxox

September 22 – from Dad
Hello my dear, this is your father again. Just letting you know how much I love you and your mother, and how much I’m looking forward to your arrival. We are getting ready to start putting your room together and I think it’s time to tell Frodo and Mini Me they are about to have a little brother or sister. Still not sure, and I don’t believe we are going to find out what you are – a boy or a girl. We want it to be a surprise. A boy? A girl? Not even sure what I’d prefer. How about a healthy, loving baby. Mom and I are so excited! Can’t wait to pass on our love to you. Hope it’s contagious!
Love, Dad xoxox

September 27 – from Mom
My angel baby:
Your father and I are sitting here with broken hearts today. We received the worst news imaginable yesterday, and now we have to say goodbye to the physical you. I can’t stop crying. I don’t know if unborn babies get to know things, but I hope you’re looking upon us today and knowing how very much wanted and loved you are by both of us. As hard as it is to say goodbye, you are still, and will always be, our gift from God.

I don’t understand why we couldn’t make this work, and I pray that there was nothing that I did to our body that caused this. Oh God, how I pray that! I love you so much, my darling, precious, baby angel, I’m so very, very sorry.

Your father and I will continue to love each other, and to be thankful for the many gifts your short presence in our lives brought to us. Rest peacefully, my darling babe. I’ll always love and remember you.
Mom xoxox

September 27 – from Dad
My dear child…
To say so long or goodbye is a difficult thing to do. Before your life began, it has ended. I believe God gave you to us as a gift that gave us or showed us we have the strength within us to do anything that we need or want to do. The short time you were a part of us, we quit smoking, began to live a healthier life and I also believe you gave us a more Christian outlook on life. You are very special and will never be forgotten, as long as your mother and I live on this earth.

When we cross over to the next existence, we shall meet and I look forward to that day. I will continue to love and cherish your mother, and hopefully someday we will tell your brother or sister about you. I love you, and goodbye.
Daddy xoxox